Why sit mock exams?

Students who sit mock 11+ exams have a huge advantage in the real exam. The more mock exams your child sits, the greater exposure they will have to the range and style of 11+ questions.

Our 11+ mock exams will boost your child’s confidence for the real exam. They are absolutely invaluable for the experience they give your child in what it’s like to sit in an exam hall and complete the tests under timed conditions, using a multiple choice answer sheet. 

The mock exams are a true example of the real exams taken at Colyton and the Torquay Grammar Schools. Your child will take the exam papers and answers away with them at the end of the mock exam. Our comprehensive feedback will identify your child’s areas of strength and those that require more work. 

“I’m very impressed with the depth and quality of their lessons, excellent organisation of Mock tests, and finally – with the results my son showed on 11+ exams.” Artem Jerdev, 11+ parent, October 2018

How will I get feedback?

Your child will take the exam papers and the answer booklet away with them on the day.

Within 2 days of the examyou will be emailed detailed and specific feedback via a printable pdf.

The feedback will contain the following information:

  • scores and percentages for each section of the exam
  • overall exam analysis highlighting areas of strength and areas for development
  • an indication of where your child scored alongside the others doing the exam that day

How many exams should I book?

We recommend your child sits at least 4 mock exams, although more will improve their confidence greatly as they will be exposed to a wider variety of the styles of questions asked. Results show that children who sit more exams have a greater chance of success in the real exam. 

Our advice is to book exams in March and April to establish areas on which to work. This will give you plenty of time to identify those topics that need brushing up. If you are able to do this at home, brilliant! If you need a bit of support, remember that we have outstanding qualified Tutors. Click here for more information.

You should also book in late August and September to cement your child’s confidence. As these are just a few weeks or days before the real exams, they are invaluable in reassuring your child that the work and effort of the past year has been worth it. They can settle all nerves ahead of the final day.

You can choose as many exams as you want in between those dates. Remember every paper is different, so the more exams your child sits, the greater exposure they will have to the different question types and topics.

Book five or more exams and receive these discounts

1- 4 exams – £38

5 – 9 exams – £35

10+ exams – £32

Discount will be applied in your shopping cart.

How long are the exams?

The exams include two 50 minute CEM-style eleven plus tests covering Maths, Verbal reasoning and Non-verbal reasoning.

In total, the exams will take approximately 2 hours 45 minutes including a short break when a drink and biscuit will be provided.

Where are the exams held?

The exams take place in the Newcourt Community Centre, near to the Exeter Golf and Country Club, just a short drive from Exeter City Centre.

The venue is a modern, clean, well-equipped and quiet building. It is warm with comfortable seating and is ideally suited to put your child at ease as they sit the exam.

The community centre has ample free parking for you to drop off and pick up your child safely and easily.

*CEM state that they DO NOT publish practice materials or test papers other than brief familiarisation sheets. Our mocks are in the style of the CEM using materials as close as possible to the real thing.

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