My son enjoyed the lessons with Ruth and he thought the lessons were very helpful. He also took several mock tests with Exeter Tutors. Ruth helped him with his weak areas based on the results. I highly recommend Ruth as a tutor and Exeter Tutors for the mock more
Zhuxian Yang
20:31 18 Oct 18
I highly recommend Exeter Tutors Ltd. They have provided a first class service with excellent organisation and communication. Helena, our daughter's tutor has been extremely professional as well as encouraging and supportive. Our daughter really enjoyed her sessions and they have really benefited her more
Debbie Goodwill
20:50 17 Sep 18
After receiving a recommendation for Exeter Tutors to assist with 11+ examinations I found all aspects with Sebastian and Ruth to be professional but with a uncomplicated friendly approach.My daughter looked forward to her lessons on Saturday mornings which speaks volumes, it was clear the methodology and calm approach works wonderfully in the tutoring of children.I would have no hesitation in recommending Exeter Tutors.Phil Colemonread more
Phil Colemon
21:24 18 Sep 18
Absolutely brilliant for 11 plus tuition. Ruth is patient and encouraging and my son enjoyed all of his lessons with her.
carla flexman
13:42 21 Oct 18
Thanks Ruth. You have been patient and encouraging in equal measure, and your knowledge of the process has been massively helpful.
Rachel Jarvie
09:06 07 Nov 18
It`s the first time I have searched for a tutor via this type of website. Apprehensive at first, I have quickly realised that Ruth has a genuine interest and real passion for providing quality service. She has provided me with insightful feedback to my detailed questions that I had to begin with, as a parent of a young student. Communication with her has been easy, transparent and prompt right from the outset, and – most importantly – had a human touch. All this has helped me make my decision to go ahead with the tutor choice for our daughter. I appreciate the trial lesson she has been offered before making a permanent commitment; the tutor/student match seems to have "clicked" right away and we are now excited to continue tutoring on regular basis.Thank you, more
Ewa Murphy
18:31 13 Nov 18
I would highly recommend Exeter Tutors for 11+ tuition. My son really enjoyed all of his sessions with Kirstie and her encouragement and support has been invaluable. The mock tests were also very helpful and the feedback we received from these enabled us to see which areas he needed to improve on. They were also excellent practice for the real more
12:24 19 Nov 18
Ruth at Exeter tutors was so helpful and managed to find us a great tutor (Mike) to help our son prepare for his 7+ exams. Mike was so patient as English is definitely not my sons favourite subject and managed to keep him engaged for an hour each week (no mean feat!). I'm happy to say that my son passed his 7+ exams too. I would definitely recommend Exeter more
Katie de Pelet
09:50 30 Jan 19
Prompt, Efficient, Professional, Friendly service, totally tailored to my requirements - Brilliant!
Wendy Kearns
17:22 10 Mar 19
I strongly recommend Exeter School Tutors. Abi Helped with my daughter's English and boost her confidence a lots.
ciaran Divers
13:14 23 Mar 19
Ruth from Exeter Tutors helped my 7 year old son with his handwriting, grammar and spelling. She was wonderful, giving him praise and encouragement. He really enjoyed his sessions with her and was excited to show me what he had learnt in each one. His School Teacher has already commented on the improvement in his handwriting. Our heartfelt thanks Ruth!read more
Helen Jones
09:24 30 Apr 19
Ruth at Exeter Tutors is a fantastic teacher. When our son started lessons he had no confidence, and a fear of maths. Ruth was kind, patient, encouraging and thoughtful in her teaching methods. He will be starting secondary school in September with a deeper understanding of the fundamentals, confident and knowing that maths can be enjoyable! Our Exeter Tutors experience has been excellent from start to finish. We would highly recommend more
Rachel White
09:05 19 Jul 19
I can't praise Catherine enough for being such a thoughtful and inspiring tutor for my child. She helped confidence building to get ideas in the brain down on paper for people to see, and then so much more in an extended period of fun learning and development. Five stars!read more
Kate Hann
08:14 29 Jul 19
Ruth from Exeter Tutors helped my 7 year old son with his handwriting, grammar and spelling. She was wonderful, giving him praise and encouragement. He really enjoyed his sessions with her and was excited to show me what he had learnt in each one. His School Teacher has already commented on the improvement in his handwriting. Our heartfelt thanks Ruth!read more
Helen Jones
09:24 30 Apr 19
My daughter benefited enormously from her tutor sessions with Sebastian in both knowledge and confidence. She gained a brilliant result in her GCSE's and we are very pleased that we found Exeter Tutors! Thank you!read more
Kathryn Seedhouse
16:34 09 Sep 19

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Classics, Latin and Ancient Greek at Exeter Tutors

At Exeter Tutors we have a selection of the best, most experienced and highly-qualified Latin, Ancient Greek, Classical Civilisation and Ancient History Tutors.

Our Classics Tutors cater for all secondary levels including Key Stage 3, GCSE, iGCSE and A’ level.

They are experienced in delivering all of the major exam boards including OCR.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your specific need.

How are we different?

We believe that Private Tuition needs to be tailored to the Student. That’s why our service provides one-to-one learning with your Child.

We also believe that Private Tuition should be carried out by experienced and qualified professionals. All of our Tutors are qualified teachers with years of classroom experience.

What are classics?

‘Classics’ is the study of the languages, literature, material culture, and history of the societies of the ancient world, particularly of Greece and Rome, together with their influence on later periods and cultures right up to the present day. It is one of the most varied and interdisciplinary of all subjects and can include literature, religion, politics, history, philosophy, art and archaeology. In schools, ‘Classics’ is a term that usually encompasses the following subjects: Latin, ancient Greek, Classical Civilisation and Ancient History.

Why Michael loves Classics

The reason I have spent so much time studying the ancient world, writing it about and subsequently teaching it, is that it is the very foundation of modernity. It is the locus of our notions of democracy, theatre, politics, and architecture. The works of Thucydides and Cicero do not just tell us about antiquity but they offer valuable insights into our modern world and, indeed, ourselves. Paintings and literature are full of classical references, our modern languages take so much of their grammar and syntax from the ancient languages, and I love seeing each new group of students having their outlook transformed and their lives enriched when they first read Homer, or when they learn about Alexander the Great or the emperor Augustus. I firmly believe that Classics is not just a subject for the elite but for everyone. Generally, when students start studying Classics with me, they have only a cursory acquaintance with the subject. Frequently, at the end of the course, they have decided that it is the subject they wish to study at university. I have even sent some students on to do PhDs in Classics, and I feel immensely proud to have introduced them to a subject about which I feel so passionate, and which I feel still has immense relevance to the modern world.

Revision courses

For students taking GCSEs we offer two fantastic revision opportunities.

Our Easter and May Revision Workshops are invaluable in preparing your child for their GCSEs in Science and Maths. They comprise of an intensive 4 days of guided work to focus on key areas and bump up grades.

Launching in April in 2019, we are very excited by our Revision RetreatSpend 5 days at a luxury campsite and get 5* revision support. There will be opportunities to learn about how to deal with stress and look after yourself during the exam period. 

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