Outstanding, personalised, one-to-one tuition for Students of all ages from qualified Teachers.

Primary Tutor and student learning at home one-to-one tuition

Outstanding, personalised, one-to-one tuition from qualified Teachers.

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Why get 11+ tuition?

There is strong competition for places at our local Grammar and Independent Schools. We have a very high success rate for Colyton Grammar, Torquay Boys’ and Girls’ Grammar, Exeter School and The Maynard School.

The Exeter Tutors approach to 11+ preparation is structured and personalised. Our 11+  tutors are qualified and experienced teachers. They are trained to follow our successful, over-subscribed 11+ programme to prepare your child for the exam.

Your child will have the opportunity to practice all the skills required for the exams. Our tutors use regular informal assessments to ensure your child is making progress and to inform the next steps in their teaching. They work hard to tailor the tuition to meet the individual needs of each child.

The Colyton Grammar and Torquay Boys’ and Girls’ 11+ Exam:

In October 2022, Colyton Grammar and the Torbay Grammar Schools announced changes to their 11+ exams. Although these are not confirmed, it is likely that Colyton will use the Future Stories papers and the Torbay Schools will use GL Assessments. These are taken in September of  Year 6. Many children begin their 11+ preparations at the start of Year 5, although it’s never too late to start. 

Entrance exams at Exeter School and The Maynard School: 

Our tutors will provide support for your child in Maths, English (including reading comprehension and writing) and Reasoning in preparation for the exams. These are taken in January and February of Year 6. 

Our 11+ places fill up very early. We highly recommend you book now to avoid disappointment.

“a professional and friendly service that prepared my daughter brilliantly for the 11+. Ava took the tests feeling confident and prepared, we are over the moon with the results!”

Mock exams

To support your 11+ preparations, our sister company, The Exam Suite, runs Mock Exams from March. These 11+ mock exams are a true example of the real exams taken by students at Colyton and the Torquay Grammar Schools in Devon. They are absolutely invaluable for the experience they give your child in what it’s like to sit in an exam hall and complete the tests. They will help your child feel confident about the day and know what to expect.

Summer Workshops

Enhance your child’s 11+ preparations with our highly sought-after 11+ Summer Booster Workshops. 
Taking place over 5 consecutive mornings in the Summer holidays, these 11+ lessons will arm your Child with the key skills needed to make a success of the CEM exams at Colyton, Torquay Boys’ and Torquay Girls’ Grammar Schools.