Why work for Exeter Tutors?

  • Excellent rates of pay – from £23 per hour
  • Flexible working hours to suit you
  • We take the worry out of being self employed
    • We arrange Invoicing, Pay, Tax, National Insurance and pensions
  • Exeter Tutors handles initial and on-going contact with parents
  • Dedicated and motivated students
  • Supportive parents
  • Limited planning and preparation required – many resources supplied

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Natalie - Science, Chemistry and Physics - Exeter Tutor

Natalie Towers

Science Tutor

I love working for Exeter Tutors alongside my teaching job. Working with the students is extremely rewarding and the company is friendly, well organised and very supportive. Lessons are arranged with your schedule in mind and communication with both Seb and the tutees is always easy.”
Catherine - Primary Tutor - Exeter Tutors

Catherine Marsh

Primary Tutor

“Working for Exeter Tutors means that I have been able to continue my teaching career since having children.

Tutoring is fantastic! The children (and parents) I work with are lovely and I very much enjoy the sessions with them. I have enjoyed tailoring the lessons to the individual needs of the children and watching them fly with their learning!

Ruth and Seb are well organised, friendly, helpful and make me feel really valued as a tutor.

This has undoubtedly been the best career move I have ever made!”

Kirstie - Maths Tutor - Exeter Tutors

Kirstie Constant

Maths Tutor

I decided to move from teaching in the classroom to working only as an independent tutor in January 2017 when I started with Exeter Tutors teaching 11+ through to GSCE maths.
I love the variety of being able to tutor students of different age groups, the creativity and spontaneity to adapt lessons to meet their needs.
I am able to set my teaching around my life, and I have got huge satisfaction as their confidence improves and exam results come in.
Communication with the students’ parents and Exeter Tutors is quick, efficient and keeps everyone updated.
I am one very happy tutor!

Our vacancies

KS1 and 2 Tutors in numeracy and literacy
11+ Tutors
GCSE Maths
GCSE Science (especially Chemistry and Physics)
A’ level Maths
A’ level Physics
A’ level Chemistry
A’ level Biology
Speculative applications for other subjects are also acceptable.

All roles are subject to an enhanced DBS check and  professional references.

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