Term dates - 2019/20

Autumn half term 1

Monday 2 September to Sunday 20 October

7 weeks

Autumn half term 2

Monday 28 October to Sunday 22 December

8 weeks

Spring half term 1

Monday 6 January to Sunday 16 February

6 weeks

Spring half term 2

Monday 24 February to Sunday 29 March

5 weeks

Summer half term 1

Tuesday 14 April to Sunday 24 May

6 weeks*

Summer half term 2

Monday 1 June to Sunday 19 July

7 weeks

*If your lesson is on a Monday, you will be offered an alternative day and time for the Bank Holidays on Monday 13 April and Monday 4 May.

Fees - 2019/20

We ask for lessons to be paid upfront a half term in advance. Please see our payment schedule below and our Terms and Conditions for more information.


Key stage 1, Key stage 2, Eleven plus and Entrance Exam preparation

£33.50 per hour


Key stage 3, Key stage 4, GCSE and iGCSE

£36.70 per hour

AS and A2

All post-16, AS and A2 lessons

£40.00 per hour


All adults (19+) up to and including AS/A2

£36.70 per hour for GCSE

£40.00 per hour for AS/A2

Undergraduate/Post graduate

Any tertiary level qualifications

£50 per hour

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Thank you so much for visiting us!!

We’d just like to let you know that all of our lessons have moved online and all of our Students are still enjoying their tailored one-to-one learning with our experienced and qualified Tutors.

Our live, interactive and engaging lessons will continue online via Zoom until it is safe to do face-to-face lessons once again.