Tuition Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions relate to lessons taking place with Exeter Tutors.

Please ensure you read them carefully before agreeing to them.

Parties involved in these terms and conditions:

We/us/Exeter Tutors refers to Exeter Tutors Ltd, its Directors and employees

Registered business address: 3 Wagon Hill Way, Exeter. EX2 5GS

Company number: 09552701

You refers to you the Customers, Parents, Carers, Students, other Purchasing parties  eg Schools, Local Authorities etc

Tutor(s): Refers to the person/persons delivering the lessons

You understand that Exeter Tutors acts as an agent for the Tutor. Your contract is with the Tutor and not with Exeter Tutors.

You have read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions (including the refund and cancellation policy) as set out by the Tutor.

Payment for our services is made via commission taken at the point of sale.

By agreeing to the terms on conditions you agree to the following:

  • For a period of no fewer than 36 months from the date of the first purchase
    • All purchases of lessons with the assigned Tutor will take place through the Exeter Tutors online payment system
    • No attempt will be made to purchase any lessons with the assigned Tutor outside the Exeter Tutors platform
      • This includes lessons with siblings or any other dependents
    • Unless agreed in writing from Exeter Tutors, we reserve the right to issue a finders’ fee for breaching these terms.
      • The fee will amount to £450 for you as a customer.

Parents/Guardians will be given a minimum one months’ notice of changes to tuition fees.

Updated: 18 September 2020