Why should I get tuition?

It’s very important that you don’t feel like you or your child is a  failure for having to turn to a tutor to support. For a vast majority of our Students, tuition  simply gives them the boost needed to move confidently in the right direction. 

We will always work alongside what is being taught at School so that your Child has a consistent approach and feels familiar with their learning.

We often hear parents saying that they come into conflict with their Child when attempting to do some extra learning at home. This is because Children, from late Primary school age onwards, won’t often see their Parents as a source of support when it comes to learning. Having a Private Tutor will avoid that conflict. 

What do we teach?

Our qualified and experienced Tutors cater for Students from as young as 5 all the way through to Adults.

We support a wide array of subjects and levels depending upon your needs. We also provide tuition for Home-schooled Students from every age group.

Our youngest students get help with handwriting, phonetics and general confidence with early years at school.

Our older students are working on A’ level and Undergraduate degree level work.


Why one-to-one?

The most tailored provision we can offer you or your child is on an individual basis. We give you the very best tuition for you or your child  because it is entirely personalised.

We understand that sometimes this service is perhaps more than you need so we are introducing Exeter Tutors Essentials.  Arriving in Autumn 2018 the Essentials programme is going to provide small groups lessons initially to 11+ students.