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Useful links

How to use Exeter Tutors email

In order to keep personal details secure, please only use your Exeter Tutors’ email address to communicate with parents. Please do not make any communication that can identify the Students or the Parents using personal email, text messages or any other messaging system.

There are two main ways you can access your emails.

    1. Using a mail client eg Mac Mail, Outlook, iOS mail and Gmail (there are many others).
      1. To do this the details are as follows:
        1. Username: FULL EMAIL ADDRESS
        2. Password: AS SENT TO YOU – if you’ve lost it, please email us at
        3. Outgoing and incoming servers are both


  1. Using webmail.  Please watch the video to see how to do this.
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Thank you so much for visiting us!!

We’d just like to let you know that all of our lessons have moved online and all of our Students are still enjoying their tailored one-to-one learning with our experienced and qualified Tutors.

Our live, interactive and engaging lessons will continue online via Zoom until it is safe to do face-to-face lessons once again.