Virtual assistant

Pay: $7800 to $11400 per annum depending upon experience

Hours: 30 – 40 hours per week

Leave: 14 days per calendar year

Thank you for your interest in this role.

About Exeter Tutors and The Exam Suite

Both companies are small, UK businesses run by the husband and wife team of Sebastian and Ruth. Exeter was started in 2015 and the Exam Suite in 2019.

Sebastian and Ruth are both former teachers who taught in schools for 15 years before starting Exeter Tutors and The Exam Suite. Ruth is a Primary School teacher specialising in Key Stage 2 and Sebastian is a Secondary Science Teacher specialising in Biology at A’ level and all Sciences up to GCSE.

Both Ruth and Sebastian held management roles at their respective Schools, with Ruth being a Deputy Headteacher and Sebastian being a Head of Science at a large School in Exeter.

Exeter Tutors is a referral agency supplying Tutors to around 200 families. We have in the region of 30 Tutors delivering everything from Primary School lessons (5 years old) to A’ level students at 18 years old and adults. We are currently growing rapidly with an increase of 300% in the number of clients over the last 2 years. We are looking forward to continuing this growth.

We provide 1-to-1 lessons both face-to-face and online. All of our Tutors are qualified, experienced and in many cases practising teachers.

The Exam Suite delivers small-group workshops for Primary-aged Children looking to carry out the 11+ Exam and GCSE Revision Workshops. This year we are running eight 11+ workshops and we ran 2 GCSE workshops during the Easter holidays. We also provide mock exams for students taking the 11+ exams. Like Exeter Tutors, The Exam Suite has grown substantially over the last 2 years.

Candidate requirements

Essential requirements

  • Excellent Written and Spoken English
  • Minimum of 3 years working either as a VA or in customer service
  • Very good use of Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Experience of working in an educational environment
  • Reliable time-keeper

Desired requirements

  • Experience of social media marketing
  • Website content creation using WordPress
  • Experience of marking multiple-choice exam papers
  • Ability to mark-up PDFs

The Role of VA

This is a very exciting opportunity to work with a growing and dynamic company. This is a new role at the company with all of the jobs having previously been carried out by the two directors. The role requires a variety of skills and everyday will be different. Below, we’ve highlighted the main responsibilities the VA will have.

Communications with Parents/Students

  • Respond to emails from Parents requesting a Tutor
  • Requesting information from Parents about Tuition required
  • Requesting payments from Parents

Communications with Tutors

  • Use email and Slack (training provided) to communicate with Tutors
  • Linking Parents/Students with Tutors
  • Checking if any payments are due

Recruitment of Tutors

  • Advertise Tutoring roles
  • Respond to emails from prospective Tutors
  • Collect information about Tutors

Schedule Zoom meetings with Directors and Tutor applicants

General administration

  • Maintain databases/spreadsheets of:
    • Payment schedules
    • New tuition requests
    • Contact details for Parents/Students
    • New Tutor applications
    • Attendees to workshops and mock exams
    • Updating excel score sheet for mock exams (training provided)
  • Confirm bookings for The Exam Suite exams and workshops
  • Maintain Tutor timetables
  • Maintain Tutor profiles on website
  • Request Google reviews from Parents/Students


Skill-specific roles for suitably experienced candidates

  • Mark multiple choice mock exams (training provided)
  • Write 11+ Mock exams
  • Create social media posts for both Exeter Tutors and Exam Suite
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn